FWDERM Policy Statement

Re-Scheduling and Missed Appointments

Fort Wayne Dermatology Consultant (FWDC) uses a service to send appointment reminder notifications to our patients prior to their appointment.  This notification will include the date and the time.  We perform these calls as a courtesy to our patients. This allows the patient the opportunity to cancel the appointment should the date or time not work for you or if the appointment is no longer necessary. Cancelling in advance, allows us to schedule another patient during that time.  Recognizing that everyone’s time is valuable, and appointment time is limited, we do ask that you provide 24 hours’ notice if you are unable to keep your appointments.

Sometimes, we have patients who routinely do not notify us that they need to reschedule or cancel.  Because of that, FWDC has a no-show policy.  The policy is as follows:

  • After the first missed appointment, the patient will be notified about the missed appointment.
  • After the second missed appointment, patient shall receive a letter from the practice notifying the patient of the second missed appointment and a reminder of the No Show policy.
  • After the third missed appointment, patient shall receive a letter discharging the patient from the practice.
  • These are general guidelines and mitigating factors need to be considered before making a final decision. Mitigating factors could be the length in time between missed appointments or why appointments were missed.
  • In certain circumstances, appointment cancelled with less than 24 hour notice may also be included in this policy.
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