You or someone you know has probably had some kind of cyst. In many cases, a person will have a cyst, not realize what it is, and then ignore it because it’s not bothering them at the moment. But this can turn a minor issue into a larger, chronic problem.

The Most Common Type of Cyst

Different types of cysts occur in different parts of the body for different reasons, so it’s important to have a general understanding of cysts and, if you notice one developing, have it checked by a specialist.

The most common type of cyst is a sebaceous cyst. Think of a cyst as a balloon with the opening at the top on the outside of the skin. The skin on the inside that lines the balloon is producing skin cells.

Instead of those skin cells falling off into the atmosphere, the cells become trapped in the balloon. The balloon grows as it becomes filled with skin cells. The balloon may even rupture, which causes the cyst to become painful.

Essentially, a cyst is a ball of skin cells that are trapped underneath the skin.