Skin Care Tips for Your 30s

When a person reaches their 30s their skin is still youthful, but some of the radiance of the teens and 20s has begun to dim. At Fort Wayne Dermatology Consultants and Fort Wayne Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, we are pleased to offer skin care tips and treatments for people who want to regain that youthful glow.

For those seeking products to effectively manage their skin concerns, we recommend the Jan Marini Skin Care Management System MD for our clients. Jan Marini treats all types of skin problems, including acne, acne scars, wrinkles and uneven areas of pigmentation all in one system. At your appointment, your aesthetician can help you assess which products will work best with your skin type and desired results.

The following aesthetic services can also help you regain that youthful look. We suggest you incorporate regular treatment sessions by a certified aesthetician or aesthetic nurse specialist for lasting results.


A soothing way to cleanse, tone, exfoliate and re-hydrate the face — the facial removes dead, dry cells from the top of the skin and reveals fresh, young skin cells that give the skin a youthful radiance. Facials are developed according to the client’s skin type. The products used are different for people with dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, combination skin or even normal skin.

Chemical Peels 

The Jan Marini Skin Care Management System we recommend at Fort Wayne Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics also supplies chemical peels based on glycolic acid, a fruit acid that is derived from sugar cane. Theirs is a medium level peel that must only be performed by a trained professional. Other peels are superficial, light and deep. Peels remove aging and damaged layers of skin, and the remarkable thing is the skin that grows back does not return with the wrinkles, sun damage and lesions it was treated for in the first place.


In micro-needling, our aestheticians run a roller filled with tiny steel needles over the clients skin or puncture the skin with an implement that contains a dozen or so needles at its end. Because the needles are so fine, this isn’t as painful as it sounds! The needles injure the skin in a controlled way, which causes it to regenerate and triggers the body to produce more springy collagen.


In dermaplaning, the aesthetician uses a scalpel to simply scrape off the desiccated skin cells on top of the skin. This not only exfoliates but also gets rid of unsightly peach fuzz. In addition, it allows skin care products to sink deeply and more effectively into the skin.


Botox is a purified and extremely diluted form of the toxin that causes botulism. But don’t worry, because our aesthetic nurse specialists hold degrees in medical aesthetics and are experienced in administering this skin treatment. It smooths out wrinkles by causing the muscles just beneath them to slacken. The results can take years off your appearance.


Fillers are compounds such as hyaluronic acid that are injected beneath the skin to fill out areas that are wrinkled, lined or furrowed or to add volume to sunken, dry or thin areas such as the lips or the cheeks. Our aesthetic nurse specialists will work with you to achieve just the right look. Learn more here.

Start with a Skin Health and Beauty Consultation 

Sometimes skin concerns sneak up on you as you age, particularly if you’ve never dealt with skin issues in the past. If you feel like your 30-something skin isn’t quite as young and radiant looking as you remember — and you live in the Fort Wayne area — get in touch with the certified aestheticians and aesthetic nurse specialists at Fort Wayne Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, a division of Fort Wayne Dermatology Consultants Inc. We have the skin treatment that is just right for you. Call either our Carnegie Boulevard or Coldwater Road Office at (260) 469-1400.

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