Mohs Surgery

April 22, 2019

Calculating the Cost of Skin Cancer Surgery

With rising healthcare costs on everyone’s mind, there is a push for consumers to be better informed about the economics of their health decisions. Is Mohs […]
March 18, 2019

Top 5 Reason to Choose Mohs Surgery for Skin Cancer Treatment

Mohs micrographic surgery is generally regarded as the most effective way to treat the most common types of skin cancer, including basal cell carcinoma and squamous […]
February 18, 2019

Fort Wayne’s Dr. McGovern, M.D., Performs 24,000th Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery

In his nearly 2 decades as a Mohs Surgeon, Dr. McGovern has performed more than 24,000 of these highly effective procedures to eradicate skin cancer. Mohs […]
January 31, 2019

What Skin Cancer Surgery has a 99% Success Rate?

A skin cancer diagnosis is scary. Fear causes many people to avoid screenings and delay early detection. It’s completely normal to be overwhelmed, and you are […]
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